Pricing Plans


  • Raids
  • Weather
  • Wayfarer Helper
  • S2 Cells




Includes 3 day free trial!
  • All Free Features
  • Pokemon with IVs
  • Gym Locations
  • Pokestop Locations
  • Quests / Research
  • Routes
  • Showcase, Kecleon, and Gimmighoul Locations
  • Discord Alerts (Rotom)



Ace Trainer

  • All Collector Features
  • Pokemon with IVs and PVP
  • Rocket Invasions
  • Interactive Rotom Manager
  • Individual Gym Alerts
  • Map Filter Backups
  • Showcase, Kecleon, and Gimmighoul Alerts
  • Showcase Rankings




  • All Ace Trainer Features
  • (for a week)


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